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In a space without limits,
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March 4, 2022
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ZEPETO: 3D avatar, chat & meet Apk

In a space without limits,
another me in another universe — ZEPETO.

Create who you want to be, and meet friends across the world!
Go on exciting adventures and bring your ideas to life.

Welcome to the world of ZEPETO.

Meet friends in a new space!

From sharing feed posts to sending direct messages —
capture memories with friends all over the world!

Dive into worlds of adventure!

Make friends, take photos, and complete missions —
choose from more than a thousand Worlds to explore!

Create a 3D you!

Try on trendy new collections or items from coveted brands —
with more than a million items, there’s not a style you can’t find!

Design your own items and worlds!

Create your dream spaces and virtual items, and start earning —
let your ideas inspire and take off into trends worldwide.

ZEPETO: 3D avatar, chat & meet App

Exclusive monthly benefits with ZEPETO Premium!

From member-exclusive items to faster turnaround time for Studio submissions —
take advantage of the perks only available to subscription members.

ZEPETO has unique gameplay: it can be played like a game or an animation, and you can design your character in the process.


Zepeto came from a movie. The CEO of Zepeto watched a movie where people can be superheroes. He thought it would be fun if people could design their superheroes and play with them online. So he created Zepeto, which allows you to design your superhero (or villain) and play with them online.


It also has a game system like WoW, League of Legends, Starcraft II, etc. So players can compete with each other to get a higher ranking.


You can make your animation or rhythm game with this app. It has many animations and movement data included so you do not need to know any 3D modeling technology.


Play with Your Friends Online

There are three main ways to play with friends online.


Play Together on the Same Screen: You can play a game together with someone else. First, pick an avatar and then pick a stage. Then you’ll get to play the game! There are many stages for you to choose from.


Online Competition: In online games, you can play with custom characters against other players. In volleyball, for example, there are two teams and one ball.


Motion Capture Play: With Zepeto, you can create an avatar. You can play with your friends by recording what you are doing and then showing it to them over the Internet.

Customize Your Avatar

In Zepeto, you can customize your avatar a lot. You can change how they look on the outside and the inside. Import a photo of yourself to make it look like you’re in Zepeto!


The other place to customize your character is the Model Editor. You can change the proportions of your body, its shape, and more.


Real-time Motion Capture

The Animation Editor allows you to perform a motion and then create an animation from it. You can also import animations from other applications or websites, but Zepeto has a unique feature: real-time motion capture!


With the Motion Editor, I can create my choreography for my avatar. I don’t need to know anything about 3D modeling. I just have to select what type of movement I want and look at a video as an example. Then, you can load in your background music if you want to.


If that is still too hard, there are tons of pre-loaded animations that you can use to spice up your character. It’s like playing an animation game!


Third-Party Tools for Custom Content

Zepeto is a high-quality 3D modeling application, but it doesn’t have all the features you want. You can use third-party tools to make custom content on any platform – Android, iOS, or PC. You can also use these tools to create your character and avatar.


Advanced Modeling (for professionals)

You can make your characters and models in Zepeto with the 3D modeling feature. Sometimes you need something more advanced than what is in the app. That’s why Zepeto has an open plugin system. If you want to make some custom code or add-in, you can do it with plugins!


Zepeto also has a powerful new 3D modeling application on PC called “Zbrush.” You can use this for more advanced 3D character and avatar design.

What's new

Bug fixes and performance improvements.



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