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Mar 8, 2023
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YouTube ReVanced Extended Apk Non-Root

ReVanced is an unofficial sequel to Vanced and is not related to Vanced, which aims to provide new features as well as those already seen in Vanced.

★★★ YouTube ReVanced Extended by derrin ★★★

➠ Compiled apk with the latest:

➤ ReVanced Extended Cli v2.14.1

bump v2.14.0

Reflect commit in j-hc/revanced-cli

➤ ReVanced Extended Patches v2.82.0


Add monochrome icon to custom-branding-decipher3114 patch

Add custom-branding-name patch

(ReVanced Extended now also supports options.toml, default valueReVanced Extended)

Add custom-package-name patch (excluded by default)

Add hide-captions-button patch revanced#770

Add overlay-buttons-alternative-icon patch

(icon source_

fixamoled patch not applied to comment filter bar in new layout

improve amoled patch

improve ReVanced settings layout

Crowdin Translation Update

Arabic, Belarusian, Chinese Simplified, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese


bump revanced-patches-2.82.0

➤ ReVanced Extended Integrations v0.51.1

bump v0.51.1

➠ It’s based on the latest ReVanced Extended features, bug fixes and optimizations (with Return Youtube Dislike, SponsorBlock and ReVanced Extend settings)

➠ Applied patches

general-ads, hide-infocard-suggestions, video-ads, always-autorepeat, client-spoof-v2, custom-playback-speed, extended, hide-button-container, optimize-resource, overlay-buttons, overlay-buttons-alternative-icon, remember-video-quality, default-video-speed, translations, seekbar-tapping, swipe-controls, amoled, disable-auto-captions, hide-autoplay-button, custom-branding-blue, custom-branding-decipher3114, custom-branding-red, custom-branding-name, hide-captions-button, hide-cast-button, hide-pip-notification, materialyou, minimized-playback, old-quality-layout, hide-email-address, disable-create-button, hide-shorts-button, remove-playerbutton-background, disable-auto-player-popup-panels, return-youtube-dislike, sponsorblock, disable-startup-shorts-player, tablet-mini-player, hide-watermark, enable-wide-searchbar, client-spoof, hdr-auto-brightness, microg-support, settings, custom-video-buffer

➠ V2 Original Icon without the following patches:

custom-branding-blue, custom-branding-decipher3114, custom-branding-red, custom-package-name

➡ Package

➡ LanguagesFull Multi Languages

➡ CPU architecturesarm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_64

➡ Screen DPIs120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi

➠ Non-Root variant, MicroG is required

➠ How to Install:

• First install MicroG

• Then install YouTube ReVanced

• Open YouTube ReVanced

• Log In to your Account

– Applied patches:

microg-patch, amoled, minimized-playback, disable-create-button, general-ads, video-ads, seekbar-tapping, background-play, hide-cast-button, premium-heading, old-quality-layout, disable-fullscreen-panels, disable-shorts-button

What’s New: YouTube ReVanced

– Patches added: old-quality-layout, disable-fullscreen-panels and disable-shorts-button.

– New revanced optimizations and fixes

YouTube ReVanced is ( YouTube Vanced   +  YouTube Premium)


– You must uninstall any version of ReVanced installed in order to install this.

– Non-root variant, micro-g or vanced micro-g is required.

As you all know, in March, the YouTube Vanced Vanced Team had to stop working due to a request from Google. The YouTube Vanced app will, therefore, no longer be kept up to date. Although users will still be able to use Vanced in the next year or two, it is not certain because if Google updates the YouTube API, Vanced will no longer work. However, all your worries will be relieved with the arrival of YouTube ReVanced, the successor to YouTube Vanced.


In fact, calling YouTube ReVanced a “revived” version of YouTube Vanced seems a bit misleading because the same team does not develop these two applications. However, although not developed by Vanced Team, ReVanced inherits almost all the quintessence of Vanced. The reason is that it was born by the contribution of the powerful Android user community.

Although just launched, YouTube ReVanced is already a great alternative to YouTube Vanced. It is compatible with the latest YouTube version, has the ability to block ads, play video in the background, play picture in picture (PIP), play a sound when the screen is off or when using another application…

Also, ReVanced also surprises users when it can run on many different Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, Android Box, Smart TVs, or even Android emulators.


Features a real AMOLED dark mode to save power and prevent eye fatigue.

As long as adblocking is set, videos can be played in the background or in PiP (Picture in Picture) mode, and it works with Android 8.0 and higher.

Swipe Control is used to adjust the brightness and volume, just like other video players like MX Player (with configurable padding).

With the auto-repeat option, you may watch and listen to your favorite videos and songs continuously.

The new mini player or comments section doesn’t seem to have any appeal. Toggle to the tablet version, which resembles the previous version (slightly buggy though).


Allows you to override codec choices, such as imposing VP9 or H.264 on outdated hardware.

You are able to force 60 fps or HDR playback to be turned off if you want a more cinematic experience. (Our Discord channel or XDA are the places to find the modified device configurations.)

Allows you to override screen resolution for clear 4K viewing on any device and to alter the default video resolution as high or low as you’d like.

The default playback speed ranges from 0.25x to 2x (assuming your device is good enough)

Toggling home advertisements, product advertising, UI ads, community posts, compact movies, movie shelf removal, compact banners (like covid info), remove comments, and much more!

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