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Fortnite APK v21.30.0-21088273 (All Devices)

Fortnite is a battle royale game combined with building gameplay where players will become winners with their skills. They will use what they have and collect powerful equipment to be able to destroy the enemy you desire. At the same time, you can diversify your strategy with built buildings and weapons with diverse damage during the game.


In Fortnite, players will control the character to participate in battles to survive against opponents that appear unexpectedly. You will try to move to the designated location from before, which is also the basis for players to meet other opponents. At the same time, there are some unique and different elements from other games of the same genre, and one of them is gathering resources from the environment they go to.


The environment in this game comes with a storm eye which will require the player to move forward constantly. It is similar to the safe zone in PUBG, so it will continuously narrow, and its location will be determined after a period. At the same time, you also know the time before it narrows and affects players outside the storm eye. Surely this is a factor that you must pay attention to.



When players land at a specific location in Fortnite, they will be able to find a melee weapon that will be able to help them gather resources around them. Specifically, you will use it to influence things that you see, and after a few seconds, they will turn into a specific type of resource. Gathering resources will also be an important operation in this game, and you can pick up resources from defeated targets.

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A notable point in this game is that players can use the resources to build some of the buildings they want. The use of these buildings is completely understandable such as protecting from enemy attacks or moving to higher positions. So, in some cases, players will see their opponents constantly creating steps to find ways to dodge their attacks.



The number of weapons that players find in Fortnite is diverse, and there are not just two weapons that switch back and forth. Specifically, you will get six slots to put something that is not a mined resource, and one of them will be occupied by a melee weapon. In addition, weapons are qualitatively distinguished by their color, and some guns are used to move from one location to another quickly.


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