Doze: Hibernate Apps, CPU, Settings Pro Apk


Doze: Hibernate Apps, CPU, Settings is the Best Power Packed Application to Save Battery Life of Your Android Device
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May 24, 2021
Android 6.0 and up
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Doze: Hibernate Apps, CPU, Settings Pro Apk

Doze: Hibernate Apps, CPU, Settings is the Best Power Packed Application to Save Battery Life of Your Android Device

Doze have best professional features to save and enhance battery life of your device. So you can use your device for prolonged time. Doze gives you extra battery power with less battery charger time. Doze also useful as Speed Booster to boost up the speed of your phone by hibernating the background apps and setting it releases memory and accelerate the speed of your device.

Doze app quickly scan your device and check the power consumption of the apps and enlist the most power draining apps. You can choose which app you want to stop. Doze then hibernate those apps to save & improve battery life. You can further save extra battery by disabling the power draining setting. More Battery More Fun.

Key Features:
– Hibernate Power Draining Apps
– CPU Management (Cool Down CPU)
– Prevent Device Heating
– Disables Battery Consuming Settings
– Only Works When The Phone is in Sleep Mode
– Kill Apps & Settings When The Screen is OFF!
– Simple Easy To Use Interface
– Less Charging Time


Effective Battery Saver: Every app & settings on your device is continually monitored by Doze, even the apps that are running in the background. You can stop those apps which are using too much battery ensuring high level of battery Power. You don’t have to worry when your favorite apps get in the power draining list. Doze only kill these apps when the screen is OFF! So that you can enjoy your favorite apps with prolonged use and less worrying about low battery level.

Powerful Battery Saver & CPU Cooler: Doze app cools down the CPU, release memory by shutting down the background apps & processes. Which gives new a new lease of life to CPU, Which in result resolve the heating problem of your device and boost up the speed of your device

Best Battery Saver: Doze not only stops the power draining apps, it also prevent the settings to consume energy by disabling them. Settings like Bluetooth, Data, Sync etc keep running continually inn the background exhausting the power out of your device. With Doze you don’t have to on and off these settings. Just choose the setting you want to disable and Doze disable that setting when the phone screen is off and setting will be enables the time you wake up your phone to use.

Unique Battery Saver: Doze is unique & effective in every way to save and enhance your android device’s battery life & the best part of Doze, battery Charger, Battery Life is it only hibernate the apps & setting when the screen of your device is OFF! i.e your phone is in sleep mode. As soon as you start using your phone again Doze release those apps & settings for their normal usage, without interrupting your daily usage.

Ultimate Battery Saver: Doze saves ample amount of battery for long run, so less battery charger time with faster device with big battery life.
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Boost Mobile Battery Life Of Your Android Device – Get Doze: Hibernate Apps, CPU, Settings, Free & Best Battery Saver App

Doze: Hibernate Apps, CPU, Settings is the simplest way to keep your battery healthy by stopping power consuming apps, cooling down battery temperature and improve speed of your device. ith

Some comments about the app from Google Play

Nuttapong Punpipat
May 2, 2021
I haven’t try your app for long-term but could you explain about CPU frequency, how your app adjusts, via proprietary api? TBH I think this app only killing not important background activity, changing some setting, thats all. Its good to explain it. As I have read your features, it seem just long simple words. Im very thanks for further explanation. But if you scam, PLEASE STOP. Im Power User of Android. TBH, sorry, but its not worth for me to buy your feature as there are better one, ex.Brevent

December 7, 2020
After installation of doze, I can see some changes in my battery. I am using redmi note 8 and of course 4000mah is not enough for me. But this app solve the issue to an extend. I don’t know how it works, but it helps. Not a big difference, but there is

What's new

*Small Bug Fixed
- Save Battery Life
- Optimize Apps
- Hibernate Apps & Settings
- Cool Down CPU



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