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Experience the next generation of music games with Beatstar, a new type of rhythm game that lets you touch your music.
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Beatstar – Touch Your Music Mod Apk (Allways Perfect, High Score)

Experience the next generation of music games with Beatstar, a new type of rhythm game that lets you touch your music.

Follow the rhythm to your favorite songs! Tap and Swipe to the instruments, vocals or beats to master your favorite songs and experience them in a whole new way. Every beat is yours for the taking, just make sure you can keep up.

Play to your favorite songs and discover new ones along the way. Imagine the best Coachella lineup ever: That’s Beatstar. Play through hits from Doja Cat, Avicii and Lil Nas X, or explore the classics like Lynard Skynard’s Sweet Home Alabama. The music is endless with Beatstar.

Touch your music with Beatstar today!

● Tap, swipe and touch every note to win
● Keep tapping to the beat of every song
● Feel every beat pulse through your fingers.
● Master songs to unlock new songs.

● Discover new songs from your favorite artists.
● Hundreds of the best artists today have collaborated to make the ultimate playlist.
● Listen to songs you were “meh” on in a whole new way.
● Beatstar makes your favorite songs unforgettable.

● Share new music with your friends and brag when you beat their score.
● Play challenges and climb your way up on the leaderboard.


As long as you have a strong passion for music, age is not an issue to prevent you from realizing your dreams. Coming to Beatstar, you will enjoy the most authentic melodies. With simple gameplay, players just need to touch and swipe on instruments, vocals, or beats to complete the song in the best way. It would help if you kept up with the beat of the music in order to create a perfect piece of music and reach the finish line. You need to tap, swipe and tap each note to win and remember not to miss a note, or you won’t finish the song.


Instead of just listening and feeling the songs they like, players can now play those songs themselves and enjoy them. Thanks to Beatstar – Touch Your Music, players get closer to the music. Players enjoy melodious sound melodies that have to be quick and quick to hit the right beat of the song. Players can also try hard songs or hits of famous singers. The game always updates new songs for you to experience and enjoy.


With some songs available for you to practice, players need to participate in challenges to unlock more difficult songs. Rely on your ability to perform the best music. Collect points from plays to unlock exclusive songs, favorite playlist cards, or emotes.


In addition to being a single-player, Beatstar also provides players with a sharing feature. You can share your favorite songs with your friends for them to experience and enjoy. Or you can challenge your friends and be proud of defeating them. Winning over other players also helps you rank up faster.


Players enjoy a melodious music space combined with elegant colors to bring great feelings. Listen to your favorite songs in a whole new way. Players will feel each rhythm through their fingers. Ample space brings exceptionally unique and exciting experiences. Thanks to Beatstar, your favorite songs become more unforgettable.


For music lovers, it is impossible to ignore Beatstar because it brings moments of unique and novel music perception that leave a deep impression in the hearts of players. Songs are randomly played daily, and you can challenge yourself with these songs. The game helps you relieve all the stress and fatigue in life and immerse yourself in the melodies of music to feel more in love with life.

How do I get unlimited play on Beatstar?

Unlimited play can be acquired when all 3 case slots are full. It’s an optional premium feature that allows you to keep playing while all your slots are filled for a set duration. If you collect your daily free gems religiously, you too can enjoy unlimited play for a little while!


Can you add your own songs to Beatstar?

The biggest advantage that Beatstar has over similar apps is that they’ve officially licensed all their songs to be used, and the list is huge. However, there are no regional songs, only English global hits. And the sad part is you can’t add your own songs

The Perfect+ zone is when a player plays the note strictly when the beat overlaps the perfect zone on the screen. If it’s too soon or too late, it will result in a Perfect or Great score. Practice pressing the notes right in the perfect zone.

Please note: a network connection is required.

Beatstar requests storage permissions so that you can send our support team screenshots of anything you need help with or would like to report to us.

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• Play What's Next: Introducing R&B
• Master your favorite songs with improved contrast using Perfect+ Highlight
• Coming soon: Personalize your Beatstar experience and collect more of your favorite songs!



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